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Ricta Wheels

Ricta skateboard wheels were born in the Flip Skateboards camp. Created by Jeremy Fox and Ian Deacon they brought fresh technology to skateboard wheel design. Their newest Ricta Rapido formula, according to them gives 'Max Speed & Smooth Roll'.

Ricta wheels come in simple to understand shapes. Slim, wide and round, coming in sizes 51mm to 56mm. Ricta Clouds come in a soft 78a, perfect for cruiser wheels. Nyjah Huston has pro Ricta Chrome Core wheel, featuring a plastic core that aids the hardness of the wheel.

The Ricta skate team consists of Brandon Westgate, Chaz Ortiz, Clive Dixon, Cody McEntire, David Loy, Manny Santiago, Mark Frolich, Nyjah Huston, Samarria Brevard, Sewa Kroetkov, Tom Asta and Yoshi Tanenbaum.

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