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Welcome Skateboards

Welcome Skateboards arrived at a time in skateboarding when chief architect and magician Jason Celaya did not see any skate brands out there to his liking. It was 2010 and rather than complain about how everything felt flat, he did something about it and created Welcome Skateboards. Board shapes, graphics and colours were things he wanted to innovate. He wanted Welcome Skateboards to yell s you looked at the board wall of your local skate store. With a weird style of magic wizardry, sprinkled with a gothic topping gives you an impression of the graphical direction. Pastel colours and shapes inspired by the 70s, 80s and 90s all got thrown into the pot.

Jason also bunched together a group of his friends and called them a skateboard team. From here he built up Welcome to the powerhouse it is today. One of the early riders to Welcome was Nora Vasconcellos. Nora has since killed the skateboard game, and not just within female skateboarding. Her blend of creativity, humour and style are the perfect embodiment of Welcome Skateboards and she is now one of the most admired female skateboarders on the planet. After she was picked up by adidas Skateboarding and turned professional for Welcome (with the awesome Welcome Nora Fairy Tale on Wicked Queen Deck) she continues to blur the lines of what you may think about female skateboarders.

The Welcome team today stands at, Jordan Sanchez, Will Blaty, Aaron Goure, Daniel Vargas, Ryan Townley, Jason Salillas, Ryan Lay and Nora Vasconcellos.

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