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Bones Wheels

Bones has been around for almost as long as skateboarding has. Coming out of the Powell-Peralta camp, they first produced skateboard wheels in 1977, so you can be sure the production quality of both their wheels and their bearings are as good as it gets. Read on as we breakdown all the different wheels formulas, sizes and models of Bones Wheels and Bearings.
  • Bones Wheels have a size, shape and formula/durometer for every style of skateboarding

  • Street Tech Formula (STF) is what you want for street skating.

  • Skatepark Formula (SPF) is better suited to ramps and transitions.

  • Easy Streets, STF’s but with a 99a durometer.

  • Bones Wheels have 40 years of manufacturing experience and thoroughly test their wheels.

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Bones Wheels’ pride themselves on bringing the most advanced technology to skateboard wheels. Their unique formula has been rigorously tested to the point where they claim it is hands down the best urethane on the market. Bones produce several different formulas of urethane, which are available in many shapes and sizes. They collectively cater to all types of skateboarding and give you the widest choice of any wheel brand currently on the market.

There is a huge debate and rivalry between Bones and Spitfire, both companies claiming to be the best out. Bones Wheels were born out of the legendary brand, Powell Peralta, and have been producing skateboard wheels for 40 years. So, it’s safe to say they have both the history and knowledge to manufacture a great skateboard wheel.

Bones state that you’ll be able to find a cheaper skateboard wheel, but not a better quality one. Since day one they have been produced in their own factory in Santa Barbara, California. This ensures a premium end-to-end manufacturing process that they heavily control. The Bones Wheels factory is also where they conduct a vast array of product tests, generating a lot of information regarding their unique production processes. You can check it all out here.

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